EV Charging Station

Grasen specialized in EV charging stations for both commercial and residential charging, with easy management software and complete solution.

Grasen EV Charging Stations

Comprehensive EV charging solutions with industry-leading hardware, tailored charging management software, and perfect after-sales service.

DC Fast EV Charger

Wallbox DC Fast Charger

30kW & 60kW optional. Support wall-mounted or floor-mounted.
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80kW~200kW CCS EV Charger

High Cost-effective DC Fast Charging Solution.
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60kW~150kW DC Fast Charger

Charging 2 vehicles simultaneously with connectors(CCS/CHAdeMO/GBT).
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180kW~200kW High Power Charger

150 ~ 1000V wide output voltage range. 15~45mins fast charging.
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3-in-1 EV Charging Station

Charging 3 vehicles simultaneously with 2 DC outlet ports and 1 AC outlet port.
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AC EV Charger

Home EV Charger

7kW & 11kW optional. Network connection via WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth.
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Smart EV Charger

7kW & 22kW optional with 2.8'' display. User authentication via RFID or mobile App.
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Commercial EV Charger

7kW & 22kW optional with 7'' display. Type B RCCB,support WIFI, Ethernet, and 4G.
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Dual Ports Commercial EV Charger

2x7kW & 2x22kW optional. MID meter with separate meter value reading window.
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Power Conversion

12V DC DC Converter

Output 300W 12V, Input range 200~800VDC.
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24V DC DC Converter

Output 300W 24V, Input range 200~800VDC.
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Bidirectional DC/AC Converter

Parallel system power level covers 60kW-600kW.
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All-in-one EV charging solution


    Easy charging management

    • Real-time monitoring
    • Device management
    • Tracking and billing for EV charging costs

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    Support every step of the way

    • Complete EV charging infrastructure solution
    • Free training program
    • 2-year warranty, extendable to 5 years

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Success Stories

  • Grasen released the 300kW to 420kW ultra-fast charger with Max. output current 400A can charge a vehicle battery up to 80% in just 15 minutes.

    420kW Ultra-fast Charger
  • Most DC chargers across North America are compatible with the CCS and CHAdeMO systems. However, while Tesla uses CHAdeMO stateside, it has switched to CCS (shown above) in Europe.

    dc fast charger for audi
  • This charging station is located in North America. Customer ordered DC fast chargers with GB/T and CCS1 connectors.

    DC Fast Charger for Automaker
  • As a local charging network operator, one of our customers from the Republic of Kazakhstan built this EV charging station with Grasen DC fast chargers, which are used to charge Tesla.


How fast is it to charge with a DC charger?

DC charging is the fastest way to charge an EV. It's able to deliver between 50 kW and 350 kW of power. Generally, a Level 3 DC fast charger can charge an electric car to 80 percent in between 15 and 60 minutes.
However, many factors can impact charging speed, including the power output, the type of vehicle, and the battery's charge level. Welcome to contact us for a FREE consultancy.

Does DC rapid charging work with all-electric vehicles?

DC charging works with the vast majority of passenger vehicles. But you need to know the maximum charging capacity of your EV. Some batteries can accept 350 kW whilst others can only accept 50 kW. Additionally, a very small portion of electric vehicles with smaller batteries do not have the capacity to charge with DC charging.

What kind of connector works with DC charging?

Grasen DC EV chargers support CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and GB/T. Besides, our chargers support 2 or 3 vehicles of different charging standards charging at the same time.

What payment method does Grasen EV charger support?

RFID card, mobile APP, or POS.

Can you print our logo on the products?

Yes, we support OEM and ODM service, and there will be a MOQ for custom design.  

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