Benefits of Automakers Ev Charging

Enhance Customer Experience

Provide a full demonstration of the electric vehicle and EV charging experience by setting up EV charging stations at your dealership centers, improving customer satisfaction and increasing EV sales.

Highly Customizable

Our technicians with over 10 years of experience will work together with automakers to meet each customized requirement on the hardware, as well as the software.

Brand Trust

By building branded charging stations, automakers can develop customer trust in their EV brand and the quality of their products. This can lead to increased loyalty and advocacy for the automaker's brand.

Generate Additional Revenue

Automakers can potentially generate additional revenue by operating their own charging stations or partnering with third-party charging operators. This will enable your EV owners to charge anywhere.

The Complete EV Charging Solution for Automakers

Reliable Hardware

Our CE-approved EV chargers are rigorously tested to be safe and reliable. They are compliant with OCPP and suited for most EV models. With the feature of being waterproof, dustproof, and salt spray proof, Grasen EV charging stations can be applied in various working conditions both indoors and outdoors.
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Intelligent Software

Grasen offers tailored charging management software to realize real-time monitoring of multi-charging stations. With our flexible pricing plan, automakers can set charging rates, discounts, subscription pricing, transaction, and idle fees. Drivers can pay for charging sessions through the mobile app, credit card, or RFID card.
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Assured Service

Grasen offers customized, comprehensive, and integrated solutions for auto dealers and automakers. We can provide OEMs with a vertically integrated EV charging solution from equipment design and manufacturing, from software customization to EV charging station construction.
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EV Chargers for Automakers

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Support every step of the way

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  • Understand Your Preference

    Our sales professional will discuss with you the ideal solution for your applications.
  • Complete EV Charging Solution

    Our technicians will provide a comprehensive EV charging solution based on your site situation and power capacity.
  • Training Program

    Comprehensive training courses are offered free for our customers. From installation and operation to maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • After-sales Service

    We provide professional online support within 24 hours for customers who encounter any problems during use. Software of charger will be updated free of charge.






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