Commercial Charging

High-power charging with the cloud-based management system. Assured support, maintenance, and warranty.

Unique Features


60kW~360kW ultra fast charging with 15~60mins charging time.


Withstand 24/7 charging and integrate protection function against over-voltage, over-temperature, under-voltage, short circuit, leakage, over-current, etc.


User-friendly interface with multiple payment methods (RFID card, mobile APP, or POS).


Support two DC charging standards(CCS, CHAdeMO, or GB/T) charging simultaneously.


Fully OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0 compliant, easily connected to most CCMS. Support dynamic load balancing technology.


The advanced smart charging technology enables businesses to scale up the number of their commercial EV chargers as the business grows.

Grasen Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station

All-in-one EV charging solution


    Easy charging management

    • Real-time monitoring
    • Device management
    • Tracking and billing for EV charging costs

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    Support every step of the way

    • Complete EV charging infrastructure solution
    • Free training program
    • 2-year warranty, extendable to 5 years

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Success Stories

  • Grasen released the 300kW to 420kW ultra-fast charger with Max. output current 400A can charge a vehicle battery up to 80% in just 15 minutes.

    420kW Ultra-fast Charger
  • As a local charging network operator, one of our customers from the Republic of Kazakhstan built this EV charging station with Grasen DC fast chargers, which are used to charge Tesla.

  • This charging station is located in North America. Customer ordered DC fast chargers with GB/T and CCS1 connectors.

    DC Fast Charger for Automaker
  • Most DC chargers across North America are compatible with the CCS and CHAdeMO systems. However, while Tesla uses CHAdeMO stateside, it has switched to CCS (shown above) in Europe.

    dc fast charger for audi


How much does a commercial EV charging station cost?

The cost of an EV charging station mainly depends on three factors: infrastructure cost, installation cost, EV charger cost, and operating cost.
The commercial electric car charger's cost is based on the output power of the charger,  the number of chargers, and which type of EV charger you choose(Level 2 or Level 3). Besides, the software and platform cost for EV charging management should also be included.
The cost to build a commercial electric car charging station should be considered based on each customer's situation, please contact Grasen for a FREE consultant.

Are commercial electric car charging stations profitable?

There are several ways to earn money from commercial electric charging stations.
- Setting charging prices & discounts with our flexible billing strategy.
- Increase sales by promoting other goods and services.
- Cooperate with other companies to subsidize the cost of the chargers in exchange for branding on the EV charging stations.

What is the procedure for commercial EV charging station installation?

Together with each EV charging station, Grasen will provide a “Product Manual” that shows the detailed installation procedures. You can also contact us for the related documents.

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