DC Fast Charger for Automaker


grasen ev charger case in south africa

This DC fast charger is for a local automaker in Southeast Asia. It is equipped with one CCS2 connector and one GB/T connector. Grasen's high-voltage dc charging station can boost EVs' batteries from 20% to 80% within 30~60 minutes, as long as the vehicles support fast charging.

It's an honor that this charging station has been reported by the local media.

Flexible Charging Modes

Grasen EV chargers support various charging modes for the convenience of customers:

Plug & Charge

With plug and charge, simply connect your vehicle to a Grasen EV charger, and your charging cycle will begin. You do not require any additional software or applications to control your EV charge point.


RFID control allows the user to easily start and stop their charging cycle with the simple swipe of a card.

Smartphone App

The charging App allows users to locate charging stations, schedule a charging plan, choose and customize charging rates, prioritize off-peak charging to maximize savings (including via a solar charging mode), and create charging records.

DC Fast Charger for Automaker

Grasen Power specialized in providing tailored EV charging solutions for customers of various industries. It has over 10 years of experience working together with automakers to meet each customized requirement on the hardware, as well as the software. Learn more about our EV charging solutions for automakers.

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