Efficient EV Charger with Cable Management


A few months earlier, a customer found us to implement an innovative EV charger with cable management. Since he wants to provide supreme charging experiences at his public charging station. The customers include ladies and the aged, who will find it inconvenient with the heavy charging cable.

ev charger with cable management

The charging station was equipped with a DC fast charger that could provide up to 80% of an EV's battery capacity in just 30 minutes. The station was designed for compatibility with all DC fast charging-capable EVs currently available in the market.

A major concern in charging infrastructure is the management of charging cables. Efficient cable management can help to minimize the risk of tripping hazards, reduce wear and tear of cables, and increase safety during charging.

The station was equipped with retractable charging cables that could be easily extended for use and retracted afterward. This eliminated the need for bulky, heavy cables that could be difficult to handle and damaged easily. Besides, it keeps the station looking neat and tidy, making it more attractive to EV drivers.

In conclusion, the efficient and innovative EV charging solution with cable management implemented in the public parking lot proved to be a successful and profitable move. The station's retractable charging cables, convenient hangers, and easy-to-use interface attracted EV drivers and increased overall satisfaction.






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