Grasen Self-developed OCPP Passed the Industry Standard Certification


At the beginning of Dec 2023, we received a testing demand for EV Charger OCPP, and the customer visited Grasen Company on December 5, then conducted the OCPP software testing in our laboratory. As the customer's requests, this test must be carried out following the testing standards of a large company in Thailand. The OCPP software testing involved over 60 items, To everyone's delight, Grasen Company successfully passed the OCPP software testing. As a result, the customer expressed great confidence in the company's products and invited them to participate in an on-site test of the same large company on December 26th. This invitation comes as a true testament to the quality of Grasen Company's services and products.

On December 25, our technology team arrived at the customer site and started testing for OCPP. During the testing process, our colleagues tracked and supported, and actively cooperated; due to the testing method of the agency and the testing method passed on by the customer, There were some differences. The test did not pass that day, and a total of 8 problems were found to be corrected. After receiving the problems, the software engineer actively devoted himself to positioning and modifying the problems. out engineers team worked overtime continuously from 8:00 on December 26 to 4:00 in the morning. And rushed to the company before 8 o'clock on the 27th to put in a new round of testing, and finally the test was completed at 9 o'clock on the 27th; customer feedback was received on December 28: All items in this test passed! The customer's approval was obtained and Fully endorsed. Passing this test also represents that our company’s self-developed OCPP software passed the industry standard certification!

Grasen commitment to customer satisfaction was demonstrated in a recent incident where they refused to give up until the problem was resolved. With unwavering determination, grasen employees went above and beyond to find a solution, earning praise and recognition from the customer. This strong sense of responsibility in the face of adversity is a trait that all grasen employees should strive to embody, ensuring that they continue to contribute value to their work. As we look to the future, let us all follow in their footsteps, working tirelessly to meet the needs of our customers and exceed expectations.






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