Grasen Introduces Level 3 240kW DC Fast Charger


Grasen's newly released 240kW DC fast charger has been on the assembling line last week. With each port Max. output power 188kW and output current 250A, it's an ideal charging solution for commercial fleets, highway service stations, and parking garage applications.

240kw dc fast charger

This high-power EV charging station has a wide output voltage range of 250V ~ 750V, which can support trucks, buses, and luxury EVs.

All Grasen commercial EV chargers support smart charging and load management through an OCPP 1.6J compatible back-end charging management system, no matter whether it's developed by Grasen or customers.

This 240kW DC fast charger is a local version with GB/T connectors. Grasen also provides CE-approved EV chargers for the overseas market with other charging standards, including CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO.

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Grasen EV charging stations adopt the IP55-rated weatherproof enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications. The operating temperature range of the standard version charger is -30°C to 50°C, we also have custom solutions for severe working conditions for high temperatures or high cold areas.






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