DC Charging Station for Tesla


level 3 ev charger for tesla-grasen power

This DC charging station is installed in Europe, our customer uses it to charge his Tesla.

EV DC Charging Standard

Most DC chargers across North America are compatible with the CCS and CHAdeMO systems. However, while Tesla uses CHAdeMO stateside, it has switched to CCS (shown above) in Europe.

The main charging standards are SAE Combo (CCS1 in the U.S. and CCS2 in Europe), CHAdeMO, GB/T in China, and Tesla. Tesla uses a proprietary connector that only Tesla vehicles are equipped with. That's not necessarily because it wanted to be unique, it's mostly because when Tesla started making EVs there wasn't an established standard connector, so Tesla made its own standards.

EV charging standard

So before selecting an EV charging station, it's important to know which charging standard most of your local vehicles support.

Grasen DC charging station for Tesla is with CCS2 connector, it also supports multi-standard charging on a single unit of DC fast charger.

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