Local First Public Fast Charging Station – Africa


grasen electric bus charging station

This is the first public DC fast charging station located in a city in Africa. It's designed to recharge more than 6 electric buses at once, and our customer has a plan to expand the station to support up to more than 20 vehicles.

Grasen DC Fast Charger for Electric Buses and Trucks

We offer high-power DC fast charging stations that are specifically designed to charge electric buses and trucks. It is equipped with advanced charging technology that delivers high power output, and a wide output voltage range. So our chargers can ensure less time spent off the road and more time on it.

electric vehicles charging voltage range

With fast-charging capabilities, ease of use & management, and safety features, Grasen public charging station is an ideal choice for public infrastructure installations and private company fleets.

60kW~150kW DC Fast Charger

Support OCPP and multi-payment methods.
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150kW~420kW High Power Charger

15mins to 30mins ultra-fast charging.
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