Electric Truck Charging Station 150kW Ultra Fast Charger


Sustainable alternative to conventional diesel trucks, electric trucks are gaining momentum. Road transport's total CO2 emissions are contributed by traditional heavy-duty trucks exceeding 25%. Hence, converting truck fleets to electric is an apparent solution to climate change mitigation. Grasen is honored to have the opportunity to partner with a leading fleet in sustainability and offer our tailored electric truck charging station solutions.

For fleet owners, having a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is crucial for fleet charging. Besides, fleet vehicles need to be charged quickly to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Therefore, it is essential to choose charging stations that have high charging capacities and fast charging times. 150kW or above output EV charging stations are suggested.

electric vehicles charging voltage range

Note: To ensure your electric truck is charged efficiently and effectively, it is important that you pay attention to the input voltage limit. This is because both the current and voltage of DC fast chargers can affect the charging time of your vehicle. To meet the requirements of all kinds of electric vehicles, Grasen EV charging station offers a wide output voltage range of 150V to 1000V.

EV Charging Station for Electric Truck

150kW 180kW 200kW DC EV Charger

Dual ports charging simultaneously, 15~60mins fast charging.
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DC and AC Combo EV Charger

2 DC outlet ports and 1 AC outlet port, meet various charging requirements.
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