Highway EV Charging Stations for Southeast Asia


With advancing technologies and more affordable options on the market, EVs are becoming a preferred mode of transportation for many drivers worldwide. However, the one challenge that still accompanies EV use is battery range anxiety, the worry that an EV battery will run out of power before reaching a destination. This is where highway EV charging stations come in.

Highway EV Charging Station for Southeast Asia

Above is an EV charging station built by our Southeast Asia customer. To meet the charging requirements of different EV brands, they choose both CCS2 DC fast chargers and GB/T DC chargers.

What features shall highway EV charging stations have?

  • High-speed charging: To enable quick charging and minimize the waiting time for EV drivers, output power above 50kW would be suggested.
  • Multiple charging ports: 2 or more fast charging ports will be a wise choice since they support multiple electric vehicles charging simultaneously.
  • Charging status display: They should have a display that shows the charging status of each port and the estimated time remaining for each electric vehicle.
  • Payment and authentication options: Chargers should have multiple payment and authentication options, such as credit card, mobile app, or RFID card, to make the charging process quicker and more convenient.
  • Safety features: They should have safety features such as automatic shutdown in case of a power surge, emergency stop, and other safety mechanisms to ensure the safety of customers and their electric vehicles.
  • Load management: To ensure each EV charging station receives the amount of electricity it needs to charge EVs at an appropriate rate, without placing an undue burden on the local grid or causing power outages.
  • Network connectivity: Provide electric vehicle drivers with real-time information and updates about the charging process.

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Highway EV charging stations are the way of the future. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the demand for better EV infrastructure, these stations provide an essential service to EV drivers. Contact us Now for a FREE consultation on the EV charging solution for highways.

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