Charging Station in Underground Car Park


As electric cars become more popular, the need for charging stations has become increasingly important. Many car owners now need to recharge their cars regularly to ensure that they can keep running. Charging station in underground car park is one of the most common commercial application cases.

Charging Station in Underground Car Park grasen

The above picture is shot by one of our customers. This charging station is located in an underground parking lot, with a charging solution including an AC charger and DC fast chargers.

Underground car parks are often poorly lit and poorly ventilated, besides, it can be difficult to find the charging stations in some of these car parks. Thus, it is essential to have well-designed and well-placed charging stations in the underground car parks.

Here are some tips for CPOs who want to build charging stations at underground car parks:

Firstly, these charging stations need to be placed in well-lit areas to make them easily visible. Additionally, they should be placed in locations that are easily accessible and convenient for electric car owners.

Furthermore, charging stations need to be designed to be safe and easy to use. For instance, the wiring system must observe the rules of the respective state building code as well as the line installation guidelines. And the charging cables should be long enough to reach the electric car. Additionally, each charging station should be equipped with the appropriate safety features, such as surge protectors and emergency stop buttons.

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