7kW Home Car Charger Feedback


Below is a feedback video shot by one of our lovely customers. It's a basic version 7kW home car charger.

In order to provide the most suitable EV charging solution for customers' various requirements, Grasen's EV chargers adopt a flexible design for the functions.

For example, Grasen has 3 versions of 7kW home car EV chargers to fit different applications.

home car charger
smart home ev charger
home ev charger

Basic Version

Smart Version

Smart Version 2.0

  • 1-Phase 7kW or 3-Phase 22kW optional
  • Plug & Charge
  • Support RFID card
  • No networking
  • Without display
  • No OCPP
  • 1-Phase 7kW or 3-Phase 11kW optional
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connection
  • Charging control with mobile App
  • Support OCPP
  • RFID card unsupported
  • 1-Phase 7kW or 3-Phase 22kW optional
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular connection
  • 2.8'' LCD display
  • Support RFID card
  • Support OCPP
  • Dynamic load balancing

If you don't know which version applies to your applications, this article"How to Choose An EV Charger?" can help you. Or you can contact us directly for a FREE consultation.

Grasen has over 10 years of experience in providing custom charging solutions for customers over the world. No matter for home charging or commercial charging, our sales professionals will offer you the most suitable options.

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