22kW Commercial AC Charger for Public Parking Lot


Dual EV Charger

This dual ports AC EV charger is specially designed for commercial use.

One of its unique features is that it has a dual power input system and each connector can realize independent power control. This means that it can charge two vehicles at the same time with a maximum output power of 7kW or 22kW at each outlet port.

As a commercial EV charger, it's necessary to have an accurate measurement of the electricity. So we specially designed 2 MID meters with separate reading windows for each cable.

dynamic load balancing level 2 ev charger

Another advantage of this commercial electric car charger is the Dynamic Load Management technology. Grasen's EV charging software can distribute the energy across the chargers to ensure dynamic load balancing. Therefore to minimize power consumption and keep energy usage below the maximum power draw.

Commercial EV Charging Pile

Dual ports AC EV charger with MID meter
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