DC fast charger for fleet charging in Southeast Asia


After testing the samples, our customer installed a new batch of Grasen EV chargers. The ultra-rapid DC chargers are ideal for the fleet charging of their EV tractors and EV buses.

Why a charging cloud platform is important?

Grasen has developed a charging platform based on the cloud server that makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customize chargers to meet their specific requirements.

ev charger platform

Through chargers grouping, scheduling, and real-time load management, charging peaks can be distributed to ensure that all EVs are charged.

Using digitalized operations and maintenance services to optimize system uptime, Grasen helps station operators connect to e-mobility painlessly with lower switching costs, allowing energy management and business models to be achieved in one go.

Grasen DC fast charger for fleet charging

DC EV Charging Station

60kW~200kW high power rapid charging, OCPP capable.
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3 Plugs EV Charging Station

2 DC connectors, 1 AC connector, support dynamic load sharging.
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