Faster than Fast – Grasen 420kW Ultra-fast Charger Release


Up until now, charging times have been the biggest hurdle for electric vehicle adoption. With charging times ranging from several hours to overnight, electric vehicles have yet to be able to compete with traditional gas-powered vehicles when it comes to convenience. However, this is all set to change with the release of the Grasen 300kW to 420kW Ultra-fast DC EV charger station.

The Grasen 420kW Ultra-fast Charger is capable of delivering up to 300 kW to 420kW of power, significantly reducing charging times. In fact, this Ultra-fast Charger series can charge a vehicle battery up to 80% in just 15 minutes – a vast improvement on current charging times. This means that drivers can quickly charge their electric vehicles while on the go, just as they would fill up their gas tanks.

The 420kw ultra-fast EV charger is especially suited for highway corridors and EV fleet operations. With this powerful charger, electric vehicles can quickly and conveniently recharge their batteries, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. This is particularly important for fleet operations, where time is money and every minute counts.

In addition to fast charging, the charging station also has a variety of powerful functions, such as remote real-time monitoring, intelligent charging and information feedback, etc. These features will greatly increase its practical value and reliability.

420kW Ultra-fast Charger

Unique Features

  • Wide output voltage range from 150 to 1000V DC supporting today and next-generation EVs
  • Configures to charging standards CCS 1, CCS 2, and GB/T.
  • Max. 400 A single port output.
  • Simultaneous charging improves efficiency.
  • Dynamic DC power-sharing technology to save costs.
  • Customization option (LOGO, LED light color, user interface language, payment terminals).
  • Cable management system optional.

As more and more people switch to electric vehicles, the need for fast and efficient charging options is only going to increase. The Grasen 420kW Ultra-fast Charger is an exciting development that promises to make electric vehicle travel more convenient and accessible than ever before. Contact us today to experience the high-power charging solution!






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