Charging your Tesla – EV Charger for Tesla Owners


charger for tesla owner

Recently, one of our partners EV chargers designed for Tesla vehicles has been spotted on the Tesla owner club. This news has generated a lot of excitement and interest from Tesla owners and enthusiasts alike. The new EV charger promises faster charging times and a more seamless charging experience for Tesla drivers.

The charger is designed for home & commercial use that delivers up to 22kW power and Max—32A current.

In addition, Grase produces this ac charger with advanced safety features, ensuring that the charging process is always safe and reliable.

Another essential feature of this EV charger is its user-friendly interface. There is a large 2.7'', easy-to-read display that shows the charging status and the estimated charging time remaining.

Smart Charging

dynamic load balancing level 2 ev charger

This Level 2 EV charger for Tesla owners supports WIFI, Ethernet, and 4G network connection, and can realize dynamic load balancing.

With the CSMS, charging station operators can easily manage each EV charger.






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