4 Tips to Prepare Your Workplace for EV Charging Stations


As Electric Vehicles (EVs) become more prevalent, businesses are following the trends to provide charging stations for staff, customers, and fleet vehicles. Business owners and facility managers need to start preparing their workplaces for the inevitable influx of EVs to ensure they are ready to respond to the needs of their customers or employees. Here are some tips to prepare your workplace for EV charging stations.

1. Evaluate your charging needs

Before you start installing charging stations, determine the charging needs of your organization. What types of EVs will be charging? Will it be for employees, customers, or both? Will the charging be restricted to certain times of the day? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you design and plan your EV charging infrastructure accordingly.

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2. Choose the right location

Once you have determined your needs, choose the best location for your charging stations. Ensure the location is visible, accessible, and does not impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Additionally, consider an area with easy connections to existing electrical infrastructure to reduce installation costs. Besides, you’ll need to hire a qualified electrician for the installation process.

3. Consider the electrical capacity and grid connection

A dozen chargers will usually require an upgrade to the system of your building, and improving your building's power supply could be costly. However, the implementation of innovative measures such as incorporating renewable energy sources, setting up an on-site storage battery, and optimizing energy efficiency can minimize the need for expensive upgrades to the grid capacity.

dynamic load management for workplaces

Grasen DLB(dynamic load balancing) technology allows for charging several EVs simultaneously in the most efficient way by using the remaining available power dynamically and balancing it between the EV chargers. It also allows increasing the number of charging stations without increasing the contracted power.

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4. Make a future-proof plan

Your workforce will increase in the future and charging needs will change accordingly. It's important to make sure your workplace charging station will cater to future needs as well. For instance, you may choose to build a few more charging stations than are needed currently or ensure the underlying infrastructure is ready to accept new charging stations without any significant upgrades.
The aftersales service is a whole other consideration that’s often overlooked. Maintenance and the cost of servicing EV charging stations vary greatly depending on the number of chargers, ports, and type of charger.
In addition to the mandatory and extended warranty options, many manufacturers including Grasen provide maintenance plans that ensure your chargers perform optimally for several years.

In conclusion, preparing your workplaces for EV charging stations will not only satisfy the demands of your employees or customers but also create additional revenue streams while promoting sustainability. Contact Grasen to get a tailored workplace EV charging solution!

EV chargers that are widely applied at workplaces:

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30kW/60kW Wallbox DC

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