How to Choose EV Charging Stations for Workplaces?


As more and more electric vehicles hit the roads, workplaces are also jumping on the bandwagon by offering EV charging stations to their employees and customers. Here are some tips to choose the right EV charging stations for your workplace:

choose ev charging stations for workplaces
  1. Evaluating and Planning for Workplace Charging

Determining if a workplace charging program is right for an organization often begins by gauging employee interest through a survey. For example, the employees' commuting patterns and distance.

If most employees will stay at the work site and do not move vehicles during an 8-hour workday, a Level 2 AC charger is enough to charge an EV fully.

7kW/11kW AC EV Charger

Easy installation, support RFID and mobile APP payment.
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Dual 7kW/22kW EV Charger

Dual ports charging with MID meter, support credit card payment.
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60kW~150kW DC EV Charging Station

15~60mins charging time, 2 vehicles charging simultaneously.
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However, if it's for delivery vans or shared mobility vehicles, fast charging may be essential for keeping your fleet on the road and employees productive.

  1. Look for the Number of Ports

Another factor to consider when choosing an EV charging station for your workplace is the number of charging ports. If you have a large workforce, multiple ports can ensure everyone can get their EV charged. Consider also the layout of your parking area and determine how many charging stations can fit within the available space.

  1. Consider the charging infrastructure

Installing EV charging stations requires an adequate charging infrastructure. Your workplace must have electrical panels, wires, and transformers that can handle the added load of EV charging stations. Consult with a professional electrician to ensure that your electrical infrastructure can support the demand of the charging stations.

  1. Do you need a charging station management system?

The CSMS can optimize energy use by intelligently allocating the available capacity with the technology of dynamic load balancing. Not only can this maximize charger use, but also keep costs under control by increasing energy efficiency.

Besides, it allows you to set variable pricing for peak hours, or set different fees for visitors, employees, or clients.

  1. Check the cost

Finally, the cost of installation, maintenance, and electricity usage should all be taken into consideration. The price of EV charging stations varies widely based on charging speed, number of ports, and additional features.

In conclusion, getting the most suitable EV charging station for your workplace takes some research. Consider the charging needs, infrastructure, number of ports, and cost before making a decision. EV charging stations are not a one-size-fits-all solution, if you’re looking to install EV charging stations at your workplace, have a look at our workplace charging solutions to learn everything you need to know.






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