EV Charging Test


To make EV charging more reliable and efficient, conducting EV charging tests is important in the QC process of EV chargers. The EV Charging Test can help identify any issues with the charger and prevent future problems.

How does Grasen do the EV charging test?

For DC fast chargers with Combo CCS or CHAdemo connectors, we will use an EV simulator to validate the basic functions of the chargers before delivery. It can simulate the communication between an EV and the charging station, and test the power output, voltage, and other parameters of the charger.
The data collected is then analyzed to determine if the charging station can deliver the desired power to an EV.

Grasen CCS2 DC EV Charger Station Test

For GB/T EV charging stations, Grasen will conduct charging tests with a simulator or real cars. Grasen has amassed valuable data and experiences with over 30,000 charging stations spread throughout China. This makes our products compatible with the majority of electric vehicle brands.

Grasen GB/T DC EV Charger Real Car Charging Test

For companies and organizations, including electric utilities, automakers, charging station manufacturers, and operators, charging tests are crucial. In conclusion, it is a necessary QC procedure to improve the reliability and efficiency of EV charging infrastructure.

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