7-Eleven Rolls Out New EV Charging Network and App


The placement of EV chargers on existing properties has become increasingly popular in the retail world of the United States. 7-Eleven has announced its all-new EV charging network and app, 7Charge, which delivers a convenient and reliable fast-charging experience at select 7‑Eleven® stores in the U.S., and soon to Canada.

7-Eleven EV charging network

The 7-Eleven charging network supports CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards. Customers can find charging locations with an accompanying app.

The CEO of 7-Eleven stated that the company has constantly innovated for over 95 years to cater to the needs of its customers by providing convenience wherever and whenever they require it. Currently, the business is innovating once again to enhance its services by delivering convenience to EV drivers.

7-Eleven is far from the only U.S. retailer entering the EV charging space. As previously mentioned, Subway plans to launch an extensive network of charging locations called “EV Oasises,” but other brands include Starbucks and Walmart.

Due to the Federal government's substantial investments in corporations for the installation of EV chargers throughout the nation, this trend is expected to pick up pace in the upcoming years. However, as there is increasing competition in this industry, retailers may need to adopt innovative approaches to draw in customers. You may like to know "How to Increase Retail Sales with EV Chargers?"

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