How to Increase Retail Sales with EV Chargers?


The EV market is experiencing remarkable growth, especially in Europe. This is largely due to the implementation of the European Green Deal and other measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions. This growth is particularly notable in Europe.

By 2025, it's estimated that one out of every five new cars sold worldwide will be electric.
By 2030, that ratio is expected to rise to two out of five.
By 2035, all newly sold cars are anticipated to be electric.

In the expanding electric vehicle market, what can distinguish one retail store from another in the eyes of potential customers? The convenience of parking often plays a significant role in their decision-making process. Therefore, are there any strategies to differentiate oneself from competitors?

increase retail sales with EV chargers

Here are four ways to increase retail sales with EV chargers:

1. Attract and Retain EV drivers

As the EV market share keeps growing, EV charging will become a key investment for retailers that want to attract EV drivers. People would prefer to return to retail stores with charging services, so they can shop while their EVs are charging.
By offering EV charging stations in the parking lot of your retail development, retailers can increase their customer base and develop their customers’ loyalty.

2. Increase in-store retail sales

Not only does the charging service provide convenience for customers, but it can also lead to increased sales and longer shopping trips.

3. Put your store on the map

Retail professionals know that a shopping experience is so much more than just checking items off a list. Your customers’ experience begins in the parking lot. Or, more accurately, it often begins with a Google search.

Generally, EV drivers rely on EV charging apps or search engines to quickly find places where they can charge, including retail stores that offer to charge. So putting your store's EV chargers on the map would be a good choice to increase customer footfall.

4. Offer special deals to EV drivers

Retailers can strengthen customer relationships by developing loyalty programs that cater to EV drivers. Giving EV drivers special deals can bring them back to charge (and shop) even more often. The common promotion plans include member discounts and free charging.

What types of EV charging work best for retail?

Grasen suggests that Level 2 and DC fast charging can be appropriate for many retail locations. Level 2 commercial ev chargers(charging time 3-4 hours) are good choices for retail locations that offer multiple options, including dining, theatres, and multiple types of stores. DC fast chargers(30min charging) help brings in customers who make a few purchases. Both types of charging can play an important role in better serving retail customers.

Dual Ports EV Charging Pile

2 x 7kW or 2 x 22kW output power, charging 2 vehicles simultaneously.
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DC Fast EV Charging Station

60kW~200kW DC fast charging, 150~1000V output voltage.
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3-in-1 EV Charging Station

2 DC outlet ports with 1 AC outlet port, support dynamic load management.
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How Grasen can help?

Grasen provides customized turnkey EV charging solutions specifically designed for retailers. Our comprehensive services include a thorough site evaluation, provision of dependable EV charging hardware, and implementation of intelligent software. We are committed to providing assistance throughout the entire process, ensuring that your budget, schedule, and site specifications are fully met and that your charging stations operate with maximum efficiency.






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