Credit Card EV Charging Station


Last week, Grasen shipped another batch of credit card EV charging stations. This DC fast charger with a POS terminal is specially developed for regions where people used to pay with credit cards.

The traditional payment methods for EV charger includes RFID card and mobile App. However, many customers have reported that they do not want to install various charging software in their mobile phones, and hope to use the simplest payment method. So Grasen released the credit card version of EV charging stations earlier this year.

Let's see the Charging Test (Credit Card & RFID Payment)


What POS terminal does Grasen EV charger support?

Currently, our EV charging station supports Payter, Ingenico, and Nayax POS terminals. They can be installed separately or directly on chargers. Besides, we provide local offline POS payment and online payment integration with the OCPP backend.

Learn more about "EV Charging Payment Methods".

Grasen Credit Card EV Charging Station

DC EV Charging Station

60kW-200kW DC rapid charger, support OEM, ODM.
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