Do EV Chargers Need Surge Protection?


In the past, Surge protection devices(SPD) have been entirely optional in electric vehicle charger installations. But do EV chargers need surge protection?

We are going to explain everything you need to know about EV chargers and Surge Protection. Including what a Surge Protection Device is, who can install EV charger Surge Protection Devices, and whether you should invest in an EV charger with Surge Protection Device.

What is a surge protection device for EV chargers?

SPDs are installed to protect electrical devices and appliances – including EV chargers – from power surges (also referred to as transient overvoltages).

Do EV chargers need Surge Protection

An electrical power surge, in simple terms, is when there is a significant increase in voltage that exceeds the standard voltage flow. The duration is only a few seconds, but as a result, electrical equipment can be damaged or, in rare cases, destroyed if an SPD is not fitted. Lightning strikes, faulty wiring, and an electrical overload are a few examples of what can trigger electrical power surges.

Surge Protection Devices divert the excess power from a power surge into the earth instead of reaching your electrical appliances, offering an additional layer of protection and safety.

Do you need surge protection for your EV charger?

According to the Wiring Regulations of some countries, it’s stated that all new electrical circuits must have Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) fitted. Since electric car charger installations include installing a new circuit, technically, surge protection is necessary for electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

However, some EV chargers are not designed with SPD, the overall decision is down to customers' preference.

So should you have a surge protection device for EV charging?

Grasen recommends that you consider installing SPD for both home and commercial charging stations. As EV chargers are typically installed outside, they are more susceptible to lightning strikes, especially in areas with frequent thunderstorms.

ev charger with surge protection

If damage occurs from an electrical surge, the cost to replace or repair the damaged charging equipment is significantly higher than the small cost of an SPD.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. By investing in an SPD, you know you will be protected from any unwanted electrical issues arising. So, in our professional opinion, it is worth getting an EV charger with a surge protection device for added peace of mind.

Who can install electric car charger surge protection devices?

Surge Protection Devices should only be installed by qualified and experienced electrical professionals. It would leave your EV charger vulnerable to power surges if not installed correctly.

Grasen offers AC and DC chargers with SPD and guarantees your charging safety.

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