Stay Tuned, New V2G Charger Launching Soon


The automotive market is becoming increasingly electric. And as technology advances, batteries will become more powerful and able to charge faster. The stresses on electricity networks will continue to increase at the same time. The storage capacity made available via a V2G charger can absorb a spike in consumption, preventing an outage from occurring. It can also offset the disruptions inherent in energy transfer when production switches between sources.

V2G ev charger

Grasen will release a newly developed V2G charger product in the coming months. Besides, with the rapid development of green energy such as wind energy and solar energy, the market demand for new energy storage continues to increase. Our R&D department is developing a power conversion system and high-power charger to meet the needs of the future market.

What is a V2G Charger?

A Vehicle-to-Grid charger is a bi-directional charging station that enables electric vehicles to not only charge their batteries but also send power back to the grid when required. This technology offers a sustainable solution for mitigating the challenges presented by intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The V2G charger also allows EV owners to take advantage of the price fluctuations in the energy market, charging when rates are low and selling excess energy back to the grid when rates are high.

How Does it Work?

V2G depends on intelligent EV charging software to direct two-way charging and smart energy management to sense and respond to signals from the grid and track the flow of energy for billing and payment.

Advantages of V2G Charging

  • Cost Savings: V2G provides significant cost savings as electric vehicle owners can charge their cars during off-peak hours, when electricity prices are lower, and sell power back to the grid during peak demand hours at a higher rate.
  • Grid Stability: The V2G charger plays a crucial role in stabilizing the grid by providing a reliable and sustainable source of electricity from electric vehicles.


The V2G charger is an innovative solution that optimizes the use of renewable energy sources and enhances grid stability. The collaborative scale and technological maturity among charging infrastructures, batteries, car companies, power grids, and energy storage industries are the cornerstones of the development of V2G. We believe the market prospect of the V2G charger will be very broad.






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