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Amenities like hot breakfast, Wi-Fi, business centers, and other perks attract business and help hospitality remain competitive. EV charging for hospitality is no different. Having EV charging stations installed within hospitality businesses is proving to be a smart and forward-thinking move. Apart from these stations being an excellent amenity for guests, they’re also beneficial to the bottom line of businesses.

The Future Is Electric

In 2023, all major automakers, including Tesla, Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, GMC, Nissan, Rivian, Polestar, and others, offer electric vehicle options. In 2022, new gas vehicle sales dropped by 8% while sales of battery-electric vehicles increased significantly. Kelley Blue Book predicts that electric vehicle sales will see a 65% increase over 2021 and EV share of new-vehicle sales in 2022 hit 5.8%, up from 3.2% in 2021.

EV Charging for Hospitality

What Are the Benefits of EV Charging for Your Hotel?

BE EV-READY For Your Guests

When individuals search online for places or businesses with EV charging facilities, your business is more likely to appear in searches, attracting more potential customers. With Grasen's charging stations, your guests can enjoy a premium charging experience and conveniently use their preferred payment method or hotel key card to charge their cars.

Increased Revenue Potential

You can approach EV charging in two ways – it can be a free amenity or a pay-per-use service. This decision is ultimately yours.

Consider expanding your electric vehicle charging services beyond just offering free charging as a guest amenity. One option is opening your chargers up as public EV charging stations. This way, you can not only continue to attract electric car owners to your hotel but also generate revenue from public charging fees.

Moreover, you have the potential to generate revenue from other businesses by allowing them to use your charging stations. For instance, if there are restaurants or grocery stores in the vicinity that do not have their own EV charging options, they may be interested in paying to use your station.

Charging drivers for using your charging stations can generate significant revenue, covering the initial installation costs and generating profits for your business.

Improved Customer and Employee Retention

In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction, installing EV charging stations can also contribute to improved employee and customer retention. When guests and employees are aware that your hotel provides a reliable place to charge their vehicles, they are more likely to choose your establishment over others in the future. This can aid in building a loyal customer base and ensuring the satisfaction of your employees, thereby increasing their satisfaction with their work environment.

Suggestions for Hotel Owners

Advise for building a new hotel

Whether or not you are ready to install EV charging, we encourage you to prepare the infrastructure in advance to reduce future costs.

If you are building from the ground up, make sure you lay metal conduit or PVC piping (depending on local building codes) from your parking lot into the hotel’s nearest circuit panel box and do so before you pour any concrete sidewalks, curbs, or asphalt. It is often as much as 8x less expensive than retrofitting.

How do I prevent non-paying hotel guests from charging their vehicles?

Grasen car charging stations are specially designed for commercial properties which can include RFID technology, similar to guestroom access technology.

RFID Cards for Commercial EV Chargers

You can provide paying EV guests with a special RFID card. By limiting the access, you'll keep others from charging up on your dime.

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Efficiently Managing with Appropriate Tools - Simplifying the Process

EV charging stations such as Grasen commercial DC fast chargers and AC chargers can be managed with software. Users can connect and control all EV infrastructure from one central hub. The basic functions include setting charging rates, real-time monitoring, tracking record, managing users, etc.

ev charging station software

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EV Charger for Hospitality

AC EV Charger (7kW or 22kW)

Small size with wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted version.
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Dual Ports AC Charging Pile

Two vehicles charging simultaneously.
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DC fast Charging Station

60kW-150kW output, 30 to 60 mins charging.
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DC AC Combo EV Charger

2 DC outlet ports with 1 AC outlet port.
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